Erik van de Ven

Hacker | Developer | Crossfitter


My name is Erik van de Ven and I’m from the Netherlands. I remember as it was yesterday, at elementery school we needed to sum up a small list of professions which we wanted to practice later. One of the items on my list was “hacker”, but somehow I already thought that wouldn’t be possible because “hackers” only do illigal stuff and end up in jail…. Boy was I wrong about that. Now, a little bit more than 20 years later I have quite a few years of full-time experience in full stack development and entered the ethical hacker scene about a year ago. On this blog I keep everyone up-to-date during my journey.

Besides my job (and hobby) I have a few other hobbies which I practice a couple of times a week like drinking beers ;), crossfit, hangout with friends and just enjoy everyday life.

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