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How to install WordPress

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How to install WordPress? Easy! Use my new WordPress installation tool :)

Lots of people think installing WordPress is too complicated and in fact it is. You need to get familiar with FTP programs, PHP, SQL databases and whatsoever. If you just want to start a simple blog, because you want to share your interests or knowledge with other people, you don’t need to learn so much about websites. That was the reason for me to create a WordPress installation tool to make installing WordPress a lot easier.

The website doesn’t use secure HTTP (https), I’m sorry for that. The reason is that it costs me about 100 euro every year to use a secure connection for that page. I can promise you I don’t store any information at all. But if you help me to buy your hostgator account through this link, or by using my couponcode erikvandeven (which give you a 25% discount as well) I will provide a secure SSL connection as soon as I get enough money :)

How to install WordPress using an easy tool

Easy, just go to the WordPress installation tool webpage and watch the movie or read the steps. You just need to fill in your FTP and Database information and press the install button. Cause choosing the installation folder is optional, the tool auto-detects the right folder for you to install WordPress.

Web page preview with jQuery and WordPress Mshots

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Get a sneak preview of a site page by moving your mouse over a link! Awesome, don’t you think?! has a service called mShots that allows you to easily insert screenshots of any website into your blog. So is your website running on WordPress? Then this tutorial is perfect for you!

Thanks to WPTuts+ I could write this tutorial for you. Putting the screenshot in a jquery tooltip box is quite easy, but creating the screenshot is quite harder. But Mshots keeps it easy! I didn’t knew what mshots was before I visited WPtuts+, so thumbs up for them! Continue reading to see how it’s working! Continue reading →

Show Flickr photos in Awkward Showcase slideshow


Always wanted to show your Flickr photos in a slideshow? Without requesting a Flickr API code?  In this tutorial we will create a slideshow for your flickr photos, by making use of the Awkward Showcase jQuery slideshow plugin and some jQuery code.

Nice, don’t you think? That you only have to upload all your photos just on one location, Flickr. Well, keep reading, I’ll show you how to do that! Continue reading →

Bottom page jQuery slide box


Curious how to create such awesome slide box as on

In this tutorial I will explain to you how to create such awesome slide-box, to improve the page views on your website. The slide box will trigger people to read another article, recommended by you!

Read the article below to create the slide box by yourself. Or watch how it works, by pushing the demo button in the sidebar on the right side of this website. You can also download the source, by pushing the download button on the right side. Continue reading →